The gearbox is installed, shafts are aligned, coupling bolts are tightened. I had to detach the engine from the mounting places and pull it few centimeters forward to remove and re-install the gearbox.

I refurbished the gearbox in spring 2010 and it worked well during whole 2010 season. I got smooth forward and reverse gear shifting, smooth torque control, much more output power, faster speed gain, better steering at low speeds and better braking.

The work took a while, but with acquired experience and good tools I perhaps would do another gearbox in 5-6 hours (not counting gearbox removal and installation) - that is what Leevene wanted 1000¤ for. Good hourly price they have...


I asked myself if it was a good thing to refurbish the gearbox or would it be smarter to invest in a brand new engine. Time will give the answer - if the engine and gears work for another 5 years, then yes, it was a good thing to do. If the engine or gearbox fails completely after a year or two - I have made wrong decision. So, we'll see.

At least I got the experience and some nice photos to share...

From: panu (Wed Apr 27 13:46:59 2011)
One Yanmar official service engineer convinced me once, that the cylinder head will last from 10 to over 30 years debending on use and quality of maintainance. The engine block he promised to last for lot over 50 years.
So in good hands and under good TLC (Tender Loving Care), you and your engine will have long good times ahead.

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