Both gears, drive cone, collars, shifter, nuts and seals are new; shaft, pin, bearings and their inner races are old.

All parts used with price from Torresen Marine. Note, that Torresen Marine does not sell Yanmar parts to Europe - Yanmar policy. :-(
A friend of mine purchased the parts and I picked them when I was to US.
Overall cost of parts was about $870 which in turn was about 620¤ with favorable exchange rate.

Yanmar part# 177088-03071, CONE, DRIVE, price $275.68
Yanmar part# 177088-03110, GEAR Z55, price $225.39 (*)
Yanmar part# 177088-03252, COLLAR B, THRUST, price $26.84 (2 pcs)
Yanmar part# 177088-03120, Gear, price $188.49

!!! Note that gears may be different if you have different gear ratio. Gears listed above are for gear ratio 3,22 ONLY !!!

Yanmar part# 24341-000600, O-RING, price $2.06
Yanmar part# 177088-02961, SEAL MHSA34 44 8,OIL, price $4.48
Yanmar part# 177088-03272, NUT, price $32.4 (2 pcs)
Yanmar part# 177088-06050, SHIFTER, price $50.3
Yanmar part# 180110-51910, GASKET, PLUG, price $1.68
Yanmar part# 24311-000180, O-RING 1A P-18.0, price $1.12
Yanmar part# 24413-254008, SEAL SC254008,OIL, price $2.62

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