Gearbox was slowly failing and by end of season 2009 became too hard to use - we had torque at idle RPM or at full throttle, but never at mid RPM. The old owner claimed he had no idea about the trouble, but Google told me that most likely it was bronze clutch cone.

Leevene wanted 2000¤ (1000¤ for parts, 1000¤ for work) for the repair while whole new engine was about 5000¤.

On the photo: the gearbox is already removed. White stuff on the flywheel is hoarfrost, not corrosion. :-)

From: MikkoH (mikkoh) (Wed Apr 13 10:01:58 2011)
Hi !

I have the same project waiting in the garage. I pulled the box out after the summer but I have been too lazy to start. Now with summer approaching I suppose something needs to be done. I think I will follow your lead; please post photos as you go.

Few question:
Where did you buy the parts, and what did you actually buy? Did you first have the box open to verify what exactly is the problem, or just assumed that the cone needs replacing, or?

From: Alex Osipov (alexo) (Wed Apr 13 22:55:34 2011)
Hi Mikko,

I did the whole business one year ago - just uploaded the rest of the photos, check them out.

I bought all parts from US - Torresen Marine, but they don't sell to Europe with Yanmar policy. Actually they don't even sell to most of the states. So, finding the way was not easy, but it was worth it - part in Europe cost at least 1,5 times more. :-(

List of actual part I bought is here - http://www.fe83.org/gallery/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album470&id=2010032100_2085 . I highly recommend you take the gearbox apart first. If the cone is worn out you will also need at least one gear (better two) and a shifter - the most expensive parts. You may also need collars or bearings or maybe even bearing races. If the gearbox was never opened before you may reuse the nuts. Replace O-rings and gaskets in either case - they are cheap.
From: Alex Osipov (alexo) (Wed Apr 13 22:55:56 2011)
Do not put modern synthetic oil in the box - it is super "slippery" and you don't need that for a clutch. Put old fashioned mineral engine oil.

I have right pulley puller and would lend it to you. You'll need a good workbench, a good vice, good and long wrench for the lock nuts.

If needed I could come (if you are in Helsinki area) and have a look at you clutch and give you an advice what to replace and what to do. Or may be even help you with the work.

From: MikkoH (mikkoh) (Thu Apr 14 20:22:45 2011)
Hi !

Thank you for the offer to help! I think I will consult you at some point.

Let’s see how it goes, but I think I will be able to pull the box apart by myself. At least there are good repair manuals available, so there should be no big surprises on the way.

Getting the spare parts with reasonable delivery time (and cost) might be an issue though. I really should have started this project in October – oh well, too late to worry about that now…

I think I will strip down the box this weekend and see what the damage is inside. Putting it back to the boat without doing anything is not really an option as the boat barely moved forward with this clutch. Something needs to be done.


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