Thru-hull fittings, valves and hoses. Bright white thin is inbound rinse water, bright white thick is outbound waste, warm white thick is outbound from tank to main valve. Both valve handles are accessible through inspection hole below the heads.  
From: harald  Thu Apr 7 11:38:43 2011
Interesting enough we removed those hoses and laminated the holes shut. We now have a single 38mm ID hose from the bottom of the tank to the deck.

Why didn't you tap the flushingwater from an existing thruhull?

From: Alex Osipov (alexo)  Tue Apr 12 20:31:34 2011
Good ideas are especially good when they come in time. ;-)

The existing water incoming thruhull was too far away I thought at that time. So you don't have the outbound underwater waste thruhull at all? Vacuum cleaning option only?

From: harald  Wed Apr 13 09:56:05 2011
That's correct. One tube from the tank up to the deck. Simple and easy. Just four hoseclamps and two joints.

We have the old pump on a board for emergencies, we use it on the deck in that chase. This hasn't been necessery though.


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