Finn Express 83 in Holland, part 2

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Finn Express 83 in Holland, part 2

Post by Joris » Thu May 14, 2020 15:12 pm

Hi everyone,

I am the current owner of FE83 #130. I bought her from Jenne in 2016, (See his topic: viewtopic.php?t=3386) as he upgraded to a Dehler Optima 92. We renamed her A Prima Vista, because we bought her on the spot, at first sight. We moved her to our hometown of Wemeldinge, in the south-west of the Netherlands and sail on the tidal waters of the Oosterschelde. ( We like the boat, as for us it is a good mix between comfort and speed. With the self tacking jib and large cockpit it is good for our family daysailing. But it is also responsive and the rig allows for a lot of tuning, so it is also rewarding to sail and race.

The general condition of the boat is ok, it is usable. As you can read in the previous topic, it was neglected for about 8 years. But Jenne did a good job cleaning her. In the 10 years or so before I bought her, the boat was only out of the water for about 2 weeks. So when I took boat out of the water for the first time, I noticed some small blisters on the bottom. But without treatment and after a mild, Dutch winter on the dry they have disappeared and I have not seen them again after 2 years in the water. So I don't think it was osmosis.
The sails are a little old and some are not orginal for a FE83, but useble for cruising. She stil has her original engine (Volvo Penta MD5C with saldrive 120S) which starts and runs well, but uses a lot of oil when hot. The engine was stuck because of standing still for 8 years. Jenne got it going again, but probably the piston rings and/or cylinder wall are damaged. For leaving and entering the marina it is ok, but when the engine is running for a longer period the oil level has to be checked regularly.
The interior is original. The wood, mainly the main bulkhead, has some black staining because of moisture. and the wall liner is letting go at some places. For us it is acceptable, as we do mainly daysailing, but I am looking to replace it in the future.

For maintenance, replacements and upgrades there is a lot information on this forum and the photogalary. Obviously I do not understand Finnish. (however, I visited Finland 3 times for several weeks between 2006 and 2008, for inspections at the powerplants in Rauma.) Google translate helps, but is not perfect. So I hope that if I have any questions some of you can help me finding the information. I would like to do some maintenance and upgrading in the future, like the interior, overhauling or replacing the engine, proper sails, some upgrades to the rigging, painting the non-skid on the deck, ect.


Some pictures:
Arriving in Wemeldinge for the first time. (notice the oil around the exhaust...)

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Re: Finn Express 83 in Holland, part 2

Post by harald » Thu May 14, 2020 18:45 pm

Nice, very nice to see stories about boats abroad. This post of Yours is actually now the opening placade on our yearly meeting which starts in 15 minutes. :)
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Re: Finn Express 83 in Holland, part 2

Post by Joris » Thu May 14, 2020 22:10 pm

Thank you, i am honoured! I don't think there are that many FE83s abroad Finland.

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Re: Finn Express 83 in Holland, part 2

Post by Petri » Thu May 14, 2020 22:33 pm

Some fenes are in Sweden, and I recall one boat ended up as far as Portugal but did it eventually sink?

When you just briefly read your text and see "prima vista", "speed" and "fe83" within same context certain question comes up :D

btw. For a truly special thing, I still have a box of FE83 t-shirts stored somewhere :)

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